Adventures in Tristia

Session 6

Goodbye Parmayama

  • The group gets ready to leave and Carl walks into town with his newly started lumberjack membership card.
  • As the group starts down the hill beyond The Arch they hear the sound of what they think are distant drums
  • Grimdug sees off in the distance a Wyvern with a creature in top of it.
  • Soon the group is attacked by a group of three trolls, a wyvern, and a wizard who was atop the wyvern.
  • The group dispatches the wyvern and the wizard, when doing this the trolls disappear
  • On the wizard the group finds an Amulet of Finding
  • During the fight Guilliame runs towards Tristia saying he must continue on his quest.
  • Pormas tells the group that the best path will be to head south so they will have the shadow of the mountains during the late day and then head east to the Monastery
  • Several days later, Carl sees a glint coming from a cave mouth and goes to investigate.  Slowly the rest of the group joins him.
  • The cave is filled with thousands of tiny spider webs.
  • As the group goes deeper into the cave they encounter several large spiders, with Carl finding the trigger and brining another group down from the ceiling after the first group of spiders.
  • At the end of a short rest a drider surprises the the group and attacks Pormas; knocking a hat off of him which Carl picked up and kept.  Showing that Pormas was actually a drow elf.
  • The group defeats the drider and finds a +1 longsword (given to Grimdug) and gloves of missile snaring



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