Adventures in Tristia

Session 7

Knock, knock, knock

  • The group leaves the cave of the spiders and drider.  
  • Once outside PlogZ casts the knock spell on the chest they are transporting to the Monastery for Wilgold
  • Inside the chest he finds a large ruby gem, the size of a human head.
  • When the chest is open, Carl & Vle'tech are entranced by the gem and their vision grows black around them as they stare at the gem.
  • The knock spell drew the attention of a fire elemental and two wind elementals.  Grimdug uses his Decanter of Endless Water to help defeat the fire elemental and after being thrown around the group defeats the two wind elementals.
  • After the battle the group finds; a gem, a Stone of Good Luck, and Dust of Disappearance
  • The group continues on south for a few days until Pormas tells them it is time to finally head easy towards the Monastery.
  • A few days later the group, feeling the effects of the desert, come across an old temple with sand overtaking it.
  • They see a beautiful lady walking slowly towards them from inside the temple.
  • The lady is a medusa.  During the battle PlogZ decides to run for the large ruby in the chest.  At this point PlogZ feels the mental pull to either keep delivering the ruby to the Monastery OR to bring the ruby into the temple.
  • The group dispatches medusa with ease and enters deeper into the temple.



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