Adventures in Tristia

Session 8

Into The Lost Temple

  • In what appears to be once a courtyard of the temple the group finds a pool that is now filled with sand.  Vle'tech & Carl finds three snakes inside the sand filled pool and Vle'tech quickly casts Speak with Animals and befriends the snakes with the help of some flesh that Carl has in his pouch.  Vle'tech asks questions about what lies ahead and the snakes offer limited information. 
  • After taking a short rest, the group moves further into the temple.
  • In the next room they find three sarcophagi and set of stairs leading into a grand hall.  While PlogZ cast a spell to read the writing on the sarcophagi, Carl continues on into the hall.  
  • Upon entering into the hall, Carl triggers the protector of the temple an Amber Golem.  The group labors to dispatch the Amber Golem, but they succeed.  
  • They believe that during the battle they saw a figure by the gold-leaf covered statue of a Nagpa at the rear of the room.
  • They do find a door on the North side of the hall.  Opening the door they find a room full of furniture and dust.  Vle'tech finds some urns that are filled with a vile smell and decides to keep one of them.  Behind those are scrolls which PlogZ starts to cast Comprehend Languages to read them.
  • Finding another door, Carl & Vle'tech kick it open and inside find two ornate sarcophagi (each is gilded and set with 10 gems (worth 500 gp each)) resting on platforms.  Carved around the base of each is a warning, "Do not disturb the peace of the high priest and priestess of He Who Keeps Us". 
  • Upon trying to remove the gems, two mummies pop up out of the sarcophagi.  After a couple of moments of terror the group is able to vanquish the undead and collect the gems.  PlogZ goes back to reading the scrolls and finds out the following:

    • The scrolls tell of the scorpion-man god who lived at this temple.  A lawful being, he was charged with keeping certain evil horrors under the earth, away from the world of men.  To aid him in this task, the gods gave him invulnerability to all things but a magically inscribed ivory spike.  In time, a religion grew around the scorpion-man, and his worshippers built the temple around him.  At this point, the account ends.
  • Carl finds a Potion of Longevity and drinks it; instantly becoming 7 years younger.
  • Heading back to the Great Hall the group is met by a Nagpa and Quasit.  The Nagpa asks if they have brought what his master desires.  PlogZ eagerly agrees.  Through a few moments of discussion they find out that the Nagpa's master is none other than Glasya (the ruler of the sixth layer of Hell).
  • The group decides to not deliver the ruby to the Glasya and a battle with the Nagpa and the Quasit ensues.  With the advantage of a surprise round, the group is able to dispatch them both.  But not before both Grimdug and Carl lay close to death.
  • After the battle, the group proceeds farther into the temple.  They find a small office area and then a tunnel to a cavern.
  • In this cavern they find what appears to be a bottomless pit and the bones of a half man/half insect type creature.  Vle'tech finds a skull with an ivory spike driven into it.  Vle'tech starts to pull the spike out and hears in a hollow, booming voice, "Ha, mortals! You have freed me! Flee for your lives!"
  • Vle'tech pulls out and pushes back in the spike several times; each time hearing the booming voice.  The last time leaving out and the temple starts to shake and debris crashes around them.
  • The group runs out of the temple to see it collapse once they exit.
  • They decide to continue onto the Monastry of Gazia.



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